Buying real estate as an expat in Sofia

What was the biggest challenge you encountered during the process?

Being patient, going trough the process takes longer than I would like.

What did you think the process was going to look like initially?

More transparent, I underestimated all the paperwork at the different steps for sure.

How did the experts from Dilarius help you?

They guide you trough the process, explain which documents are needed and how to get them, communicate directly with the embassy, the bank and the broker and keep you informed about what is going on.

Can you imagine doing everything by yourself?

Looking back, I could not have done this without them. I would not be able to understand the paperwork and just sheer amount of work would have demotivated me. They did all the hard (paper)work so I could focus on the fun things like planning the renovation.

How would you describe the whole journey in a few words?

Paperwork, paperwork and paperwork.

What would you advice anyone who’s planning to purchase real estate in Bulgaria?

Get a financial consultant before you go look for houses so you have done most of the paperwork. This will give you a better position during negotiations because the bank can check all documents before you agree on a price.

If having a home is a dream of yours, but you’re not sure about the loan terms you’re getting – reach out to DILARIUS!


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